Our Services:

Event Planning:

One of the main services we provide is managing and organising all kinds of events. Our Omani passionate team helps you come up with novel ideas for your event and provides you with all the needed facilities and services.
You may face difficulties in developing the main idea of your conference, workshop, festival or any activity where you would invite thousands of people. Therefore, we, in Match Media, are ready to help you with the following:
  • Make your action plan.
  • Prepare the main themes for your event with the help of experts in the related field.
  • Create a distinctive event identity that attracts the audience.
  • Create innovative designs for your publications.
  • Suggest a venue for your event and prepare the suitable stage for it.
  • Provide lighting and sound equipment.
  • Help you with guests’ reception and farewell.
  • Prepare special event’s giveaways for the guests.
  • Prepare the sightseeing program for the guests.
  • Provide all types of hospitality services according to the size of the event.
  • Organise promotional campaigns for your event through print, audio and visual media.
We are always committed to provide high-quality services for your various events with booking and provision of equipment’s for:
  • Symposiums
  • Conferences
  • Festivals of all kinds.
  • Workshops
  • Open Days
  • Any Other Activities

There are various interdependent pillars for every successful project; marketing is the most prominent one. Therefore, Match Media is always keen to market your event effectively. It provides marketing services for:
  • Symposiums, Conferences and Festivals
  • Exhibitions of all kinds
  • Products of all kinds.
For your project to be successful, we always endeavor to provide you with effective marketing solutions.


We are ready to convert your ideas to reality and create appropriate designs for your advertisements and different publications.
We, also provide you with a package of other services:
  • Media services
  • Translation services
  • Photography services and TV coverage.
  • Film production
  • Printing services

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