About us

Match Media is an Omani company that has made its way in the Omani market since 2006, with skillful Omani cadres who are keen to create a new method of event planning and marketing based on innovative and novel techniques. Since its establishment, the company has been able to prove its competence in the local market and build good relationships with clients from different sectors. Match Media is distinguished by the variety of its services, which facilitates the client’s needs and gives them various choices to achieve a high-quality and innovative work.
Our Mission:

We aim to provide high-quality services relying on Omani cadres who adopt innovation as a lifestyle.
Our Vision:

The company looks forward to creating a distinctive style of client services and building a good relationship with its internal and external community through towards both its employees and clients.

The company’s development policy includes creating professional tools for event planning and management as well as enriching the Omani market with a commercial experience that is based on economic awareness, saving a lot of client’s time and effort and make the services provided more enjoyable.
Our Aims:
  • Establishing a national company that is willing to compete global companies in the same field.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction and gaining clients’ loyalty to our services.
  • Spreading the company’s logo to become one of the most important names in the region.
  • Creating a business name in the field of event planning, management, marketing and designing.
  • Introducing new products and services that distinguish us from our competitors.
Our Team:

Our team consists of qualified Omani staff who all hold university degrees in various fields. We, in Match Media, strongly believe that relying on national cadres enhances the value of the national economy and creates new opportunities for young Omanis. Therefore, we have adopted the policy of Omanization as we believe in young Omanis’ thought and trust in their willingness to accomplish. This policy has been proven effective in executing all our business plans over the previous years.
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